RDPAC Announces New Leadership of Executive Committee 2022-2023


Beijing, October 14th — The R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC) announces its new Chairman and Vice Chairmen for RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023 today. According to the election results, Jean-Christophe Pointeau, President of Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, has been elected as the new Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023. Rogier Janssens, Managing Director and General Manager of Merck China Healthcare, has been re-elected as the Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023. Ingrid Zhang, President of Novartis Pharmaceuticals China, and Christine Zhou, SVP & President of Novo Nordisk Region China, have been elected as the new Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023 .

The Chairman and Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee are elected by the 13 newly elected EC members of the term 2022-2023. RDPAC Executive Committee election 2022-2023 comes to a successful ending. In the next two years, the new leadership of RDPAC Executive Committee will continue spearheading various work streams of the Association and strive to be the important partner in achieving the goal of "Healthy China".

Jean-Christophe Pointeau 

“I am very honored to serve as RDPAC Chairman again,” said Jean-Christophe Pointeau, Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023. “The Chinese pharmaceutical market is experiencing a period of rapid change. RDPAC will continue to build capacity and strengthen collaboration with industry peers to support the Chinese government's pharmaceutical industry upgrading and innovation initiatives. We will continue to introduce innovative products for Chinese patients and enhance patient accessibility and help achieve the grand goal of ‘Healthy China 2030’.” Jean-Christophe Pointeau, has almost 30 years of international experience in the pharmaceutical industry and extensive leadership of multinational pharmaceutical companies in China. Before joining Pfizer, he served as the President, Bristol-Myers Squibb China and Country Chair, Sanofi China,and the Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2018-2019. Throughout his career, he has been dedicated to getting involved in promoting the pharmaceutical ecosystem reform so that the innovation can bring benefit for patients. 

Rogier Janssens

Rogier Janssens, Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023 said:“ Thanks to the support and trust from RDPAC members. I look forward to repaying that trust continuing to work alongside all RDPAC members and local stakeholders to further the development of China’s healthcare ecosystem and the aims of Healthy China 2030, to ultimately benefit the patients in China and worldwide.”

Ingrid Zhang

Ingrid Zhang, Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023 said: “I am very honored to be elected Vice Chairman of RDPAC. China's pharmaceutical industry is in a critical period of development. Innovation has become a key driver of the industry. As representative of innovative pharmaceutical companies, I am committed to closely collaborating with member companies to further promote a pro-innovation industry environment and improve accessibility of innovative drugs, so as to improve people's health and help realize Healthy China.”

Christine Zhou

Christine Zhou, Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee 2022-2023 said: “I am encouraged and proud by joint efforts made by RDPAC members to foster a sustainable ecosystem for drug innovation in China through strengthening local presence in China market, driving continuous innovation, and promoting partnerships. As long-term and valued innovation partners in China, RDPAC members step up efforts to introduce high-quality innovative medicines in China and improve the accessibility to benefit more Chinese patients. By expanding cooperation, RDPAC plays an increasingly important role in supporting the government in achieving the goals of ‘Healthy China 2030'.” She went on to say,” Starting my career as a doctor, I dedicated 27 years in the pharmaceutical industry to drive meaningful changes to improve the lives of patients. As the Vice Chair, I will dedicate my time to our noble cause and continue working together with RDPAC Chair, Vice Chairs and EC members as well as all GMs of member companies to build a sustainable pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem in China to help patients and advance our industry.”

RDPAC members will continuously provide high-quality and innovative healthcare products and service to Chinese patients, support the development of a sustainable ecosystem for drug innovation in China, and committed to be a valued partner in delivering the “Healthy China” goal to improve the health and quality of life of the people in China. Under the leadership of the new executive Committee, RDPAC is looking forward to working together with the Chinese government, industry, academia and research institutions to bring China’s pharmaceutical innovation ecosystem to the next level.


Under the China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI), the R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC) is a non-profit organization made up of 45 member companies with pharmaceutical R&D capability. As of June 2020, RDPAC member companies have established 47 manufacturing facilities and 25 R&D centers in mainland China. The Chinese government, local companies and RDPAC members share a similar vision to see China become a leading global innovation partner. RDPAC welcomes the opportunity to continue to partner with the government to reach our joint aspiration for the benefit of Chinese patients.

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