Commitment to Overcoming Current Difficulties in Wuhan——RDPAC Member Companies in Action



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many RDPAC member companies, as the backbone of international pharmaceutical innovation, have taken rapid assistance actions to donate money and materials promptly, advanced the development of relevant vaccines and medicines, and actively shared the international advanced medical achievements to fight against the epidemic, supporting Wuhan with practical actions and making contributions to anti-epidemic.

As of March 12, 2020, more than 35 RDPAC member companies have donated cash and medical supplies with a total value of more than RMB 190 million, including about RMB 46 million in cash, more than RMB 56.35 million worth of preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic drugs, nearly RMB 13.25 million worth of medical devices and reagents, more than RMB 47.69 million worth of respirators and protective equipment and more than RMB 31.244 million worth of nutritional products, etc. Detailed information about the donation is shown in the following table (statistics from the official websites or the WeChat official accounts of RDPAC member companies, sorted by initials of the English name of member companies):


It is the persistence and unremitting efforts of many RDPAC member companies and all parties that have us see the light in the battle of prevention and control of COVID-19, making this spring full of vitality and hope!

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