2023 China Joint Strategy Session is Successfully Convened in Beijing


On September 13, the 2023 China Joint Strategy Session (JSS) was co-hosted by the R&D-Based Pharmaceutical Association Committee (RDPAC) and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), bringing together over 150 international and domestic biopharmaceutical industry leaders and representatives in Beijing. This event, featuring sessions on science and regulatory, market access, and intellectual property, facilitated face-to-face discussions on critical biopharmaceutical issues.


During the opening segment, RDPAC and PhRMA extended warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to all the attendees.

Madam Kang, Managing Director of RDPAC, elucidated the mission of the JSS, underlining the paramount significance of collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry. “As a valued partner of pharmaceutical innovation in China, RDPAC is wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting the sustainable development of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Innovation Ecosystem. We focus on five strategic pillars: accelerating innovation, investing in innovation, protecting innovation, advocating for innovation, and upholding the highest standards of integrity in ethical research and business practices. The ultimate goal is to ensure that innovative medicines are accessible and beneficial to patients, improving the health and well-being of Chinese people.” Said Madam Kang.

Madam Kang, Managing Director of RDPAC

Mr. John Sullivan, Executive Director of PhRMA China Office, stated, "JSS has facilitated communication between different regions and sparked interactions across different companies. A vital industrial platform for over a decade, JSS provides us with the opportunity to share and draw from each other's experiences, collectively driving the progress of the biopharmaceutical industry. The in-depth discussions and insightful perspectives will fuel our joint work for the upcoming year."

Mr. John Sullivan, Executive Director of PhRMA China Office

Mr. Jean Christophe Pointeau, Chairman of RDPAC's Executive Committee, expressed his gratitude to all participants for their dedication and commitment to advancing pharmaceutical innovation in China. He underscored the unique nature of the Chinese market, recognizing the myriad of opportunities it presents. He called upon multinational pharmaceutical companies to seize the vast potential of the Chinese market and rallied for further collaboration among MNCs and industry associations. These collective efforts, he emphasized, will be pivotal in furthering the shared vision to advance pharmaceutical innovation and benefit patients in China.

Mr. Jean Christophe Pointeau, Chairman of RDPAC's Executive Committee

Jennifer Osika, Vice President of International Advocacy at PhRMA, stated, PhRMA has consistently emphasized China as a top priority, recognizing its growing significance in the biopharmaceutical sector. Furthermore, international cooperation in the healthcare field between China and the international community is increasing. These international collaborations are enhancing patient access to innovative medicines and therapies, bringing cutting-edge vaccines, treatments, and cures to a broader range of patients.

Jennifer Osika, Vice President of International Advocacy at PhRMA

The important discussions and insights gathered during the event will help drive our shared mission to advance the biopharmaceutical industry. Moving forward, we will distill these insights together into action to bring about impactful change. We are looking forward to another productive year in 2024.

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