RDPAC announces the appointment of Mr. Renaud GABAY as Managing Director; Madam KANG Wei will continue to contribute with her expertise as Executive Advisor


We're pleased to announce that Mr. Renaud GABAY will assume the role of Managing Director of RDPAC, effective October 1, 2023. He will be based in Beijing and will report directly to the RDPAC Executive Committee.  


Renaud is a seasoned leader who brings around 30 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, including over 10 years of experience in China. He started his career as a medical representative at Eli Lilly in France, and took roles with increasing responsibilities in Astellas, Novartis and Abbott. He has lived in several countries including Japan, Argentina, UK, France, Switzerland, United States and China. Renaud brings practical experience to RDPAC, since, from November 2012, he was General Manager China of Abbott Pharmaceuticals for 6 years, and every year since then, contributed actively as a member of RDPAC Executive Committee, and was elected as a Vice Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee in 2018. Since 2019, Renaud was still based in Shanghai, as Vice President of Abbott Medical Nutrition North Asia. Renaud has been awarded Silver Magnolia Award from Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in 2019.

In his role, Renaud will lead the RDPAC office team in realizing the RDPAC vision, which is being a valued partner in delivering the “Healthy China" goals and improving the health and quality of life of the people in China. He will oversee and drive major strategic initiatives at RDPAC in areas including fostering and rewarding innovation, accelerating regulatory pathways and market access for innovation, and naturing a sustainable and healthy innovation ecosystem, including business integrity and compliance.


Madam KANG Wei, who has served as the Managing Director of RDPAC for nearly 6 years, will continue to contribute with her expertise as Executive Advisor at RDPAC starting from October 1, 2023. In her new capacity, she will play a critical role in shaping the organization's engagements with high-level government bodies and policymakers. Her responsibilities will encompass close collaboration with the RDPAC team and member companies, partnering with sister industry associations, and contributing to the sustainable development of China's pharmaceutical innovation.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Madam Kang Wei for her outstanding contributions to RDPAC. Under her leadership, RDPAC has solidified its standing as a trusted partner in advancing sustainable innovation ecosystem that incentivizes pharmaceutical innovation, ensuring that novel medicines benefit Chinese patients as early and as extensively as possible. Under Madam Kang Wei's leadership, RDPAC has taken various initiatives and reforms to achieve remarkable organization transformation, including implementing long-term strategic priorities, fostering reciprocal relationships with governmental entities, enhancing communication platforms, and strengthening RDPAC's organizational capabilities. Her leadership has been instrumental in our journey, and her enduring commitment will assure our continued success.

“I am confident the Executive Committee made the right choice in appointing Renaud GABAY as RDPAC Managing Director. His pragmatic experience and in-depth field knowledge of our industry will be great assets to deliver RDPAC objectives – accelerate innovation, improve access, exemplify business integrity, build image and collaborate – both in and outside China.” Jean-Christophe Pointeau, Chairman of RDPAC Executive Committee said. 

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